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Dr. Chiffon Foster

After over 20 years of being successful in business, Dr. Chiffon Foster has been deemed as a trusted business consultant and advisor in nearly every major industry. She is a global leadership trainer and developer leading training seminars in the U.S.A. and in several other countries including: China, Germany, India, Dubai and the United Kingdom. She can be found in boardrooms, classrooms and creative spaces advising, coaching and consulting. Corporations, executives, creatives, spiritual leaders and business owners have been the benefactors of the wisdom and strategy she has to offer. Her clients often refer to her as a "Destiny Architect" as she assists people with the tools, systems and strategies needed to usher them into their future.





Dr. Foster is in the “people business”. Therefore, she is passionate about assisting others to discover, develop and demonstrate their maximum potential. She has developed critical and tailor made strategies for her clients. She has a full-time staff that are subject matter experts in their fields and as a team they are able to meet the needs of each client. Her business acumen is second to none. Her education includes an earned Bachelor’s degree, Masters degree and an  Honorary Doctorate was bestowed upon her because of the many years of service to the community. Her professional journey has taken her into the industries of Corporate America, Social Services, Politics/Government and International Business. 

Dr. Foster has been called to serve humanity, therefore, her purpose extends beyond the four walls into the world at large. You can find her advising, coaching and consulting those in the Market Place. Corporations, professionals, and business owners have been the benefactors of the gifts she has to offer. She is unapologetic about the role she must fulfill in the Market Place and is highly respected by those who have taken advantage of her services.

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