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Things Happen.

The Level Up Group, LLC 

We understand your who, what, where, why and will provide the answers to your how.  

The Level Up Group, LLC is an established consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle.We work with game changing brands, inspired companies and global influencers. Our clientele reaches across many industries including: Corporate America, Entertainment/Arts, Wall Street, Technology, Non-Profit Sector, Government/Politics and Education. Our model for assisting these unique group of leaders are: Coaching, Connecting and Commerce. We believe that we can be the change agents that the world needs to experience. The Level Up Group, LLC is the parent company to several other entities that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our client roster.   

The Level Up Group, LLC is the brainchild of our founder, Dr. Chiffon Foster. She is often called upon to speak to executives of corporations in the boardroom while being a keynote speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops. Dr. Foster can be found traveling the breadth and width of the country conducting her own conferences and seminars equipping next generation leaders and those who have been established in their field of expertise.
She has over 20 years of successful business consulting experience and has spent several years in Corporate America as a Corporate Trainer for a global company. She has trained professionals from several countries including: Germany, Dubai, United Kingdom, China and Brazil just to name a few. Dr. Foster is a multidimensional and skilled leader who has several successful businesses under her belt. She has an uncanny ability to navigate in a plethora of industries. When asked by others how you would describe our CEO most would say a high level and intense strategist who cares about the success of her clients. 

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Level Up Consulting was created to offer leaders in every industry the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Whether you are a creative, millennial, entrepreneur, author, business owner, professional or preacher growth is essential to remain effective and necessary. As it’s been said: Leadership is not about a title or position but how well you are able to influence others.


We are dedicated to creating, writing and producing quality short films, documentaries and visuals that empower humankind. It has been said that music can heal the soul. It is our desire to release a "sound" in the earth that will create spaces for wholeness and wellness. We believe that words on a page are a manifestation of the creativity of the mind. We publish books and short stories that speak to the current times and those times that are yet to come. Film, music and books are the three areas that are the focus of our media department. 


Dr. Foster along with her staff believes in ownership especially commercial and investment properties. She has partnered with a successful real estate company to be able to provide multiple streams of income and use real estate as leverage in the business world. Whether it is flipping houses, land acquisition or neighborhood renovation projects, Level Up Realty is making its mark in the real estate industry.

General Services

Professional/Personal Coaching
Business Development/Mentoring
Reputation/Crisis Management
Seminars for Churches & Ministries

Ministry Development
Church & Ministry Consulting
Individual/Group Coaching
Book Coaching, Writing, Editing and Publishing
Speech Writing Services
Voice Over for Audio Books
Scripts for short films and documentaries
Specialized Training (upon request)
Video Training (upon request)

Corporate/Executive Consulting Services

Project Management

Change Management

Cultural Diversity
Effective Communication
Conflict Resolution
Effective Management
Assertiveness Skills
Workplace Harassment
Building Great Leaders
Developing Great Teams
Specialized Training (available upon request)

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