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Greetings from Our Founder,

 Dr. Chiffon R. Foster

Welcome Home! It is with great joy that I can serve Market Place Leaders from around the globe. I understand the uniqueness that comes with being a change agent. I’ve spent many successful years operating in several different industries and what I found was a lack of authentic support and understanding. We are very misunderstood by those who are not called to the Market Place. Therefore, I wanted to offer other change agents the opportunity to connect with someone who has specifically been in the Market Place for over 20 years and understands the culture and climate of this environment. I am committed along with a very capable staff to provide the necessary tools, systems and support that is needed for you each to be successful. With that being said: Let’s Go Change the World!

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What’s Our Purpose?

The Level Up Network was created to gather like-minded individuals that are assigned to the Market Place in order to have a safe and nurturing hub for education, support, training, resources, networking and coaching. The Level Up Network is a “Market Place Incubator” that is equipped to NURTURE the uniqueness that comes along with being a Market Place Leader. We are staffed with Subject Matter Experts that have the necessary tenure and success to assist anyone joining us. We believe that we are the answer that you have been looking for. 

Who Are We?

The Level Up Network is comprised of representatives from all the 12 industries that make up the Market Place which consist of: Non-Profit, Education, Entertainment/Arts, Sports, Business, Religion, Family, Government/Politics, Media, Science and Technology. All creatives, millennials, thinkers, change agents, business owners, entrepreneurs, visionaries and professionals are welcome. Anyone called to change the world you have found your HOME! 

Our Core Values?

We have three core values that we stand on: character, competence and credibility. The Level Up Network believes that in order to experience longevity in whatever industry one is assigned to you must have these three core values. No matter what it is that you have to offer without character, competence and credibility you become just like everyone else and will eventually blend in with the crowd. Here at The Level Up Network we always stand out.

What Do We Have to Offer?

We offer coaching, counseling, networking, resources and training. We have created a haven where IDEAS are developed into ENTERPRISE.


You can expect:
•    Monthly Webinar Training
•    Monthly Training Materials
•    Monthly Resources
•    Monthly Education
•    Monthly Audio Recordings


The membership fee of $49 or $29 is due monthly by the 7th in order to benefit from that month’s training. 

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